Slope Optimization Tips by Bill

So you have made the commitment to making the most of your time at our beautiful mountain here in Lake Louise. You have booked your flight, hotel and now you have booked the best gear in the world here at Wilsons. Here are some more inside tips for you. 1) Ski friends. These folks meet […]

Let’s talk goggles!

They can either make or break your day up on the hill. From sunshine, to snowstorms and low light days- your goggles keep you going and they’ve always got your back. But do you have theirs? Are you giving them the attention they need? Although they’ve been made with high quality materials and the latest […]

Nordic cross country skiing with skin skis

Should I get some skin skis? Skin skis are a strong trend in nordic skiing these days. And so they should because they are very effective when it comes to dealing with wet and icy conditions. When its warm and wet or icy the skin ski’s create a consistent predictable source of grip to ensure […]

Skoki and Lake O’hara Systems at Wilsons


Setting up for Your trip to Skoki or Lake O’hara People come from all over the world to enjoy skiing out to Skoki Lodge and to Lake O’hara here in beautiful Lake Louise. It is an awesome experience and people of all walks of life can do the trip. It is important to be prepared […]

The Bears are Waking up

You know spring is officially here when we start hearing Parks issuing Bear warnings in the area.   Bears are one of Lake Louise’s most sought after animals to see but we have to remember that not only are they wild but we’re on their turf. In saying that, there is nothing that can compare […]

Spring Conditions Are Here!!


With a sigh of relief we can now look forward to warmer conditions which make for what a lot of people consider, the best riding conditions of the year…aptly called SLUSH! That being said, your gear may not work as great as it did when the temperatures were negative “I shouldn’t be outside right now”. […]