The New Electric Kid on the Bike Rack

It’s almost that time of year where we start putting out our beautiful new Devinci bikes for the season. Except for this year, this year there’s a new electric kid on the bike rack and it’s name is the E-motion bike!

An electric assist bike that’s going to go a lot of places!

The best way I’ve found to describe it is: You know when you go to the airport and they have the moving side walk? Well, you stand on it and it takes you along… Except when you start walking on the already moving floor and you move faster than the “healthy” people who opted to walk on the boring normal non-moving walkway!

(Before you get on it) Harmless looking right?


(As soon as you get on it) A boost that will plaster a grin on your face!


That is how the assist works. As soon as you start pedalling it’s as if you’ve gotten a little extra forward momentum without even trying!

With it’s many settings, the E-Motion bike allows you to set the pace and energy you want to expend. A trip up to the ski hill (we all know how awful that hill is … Ugh! I’m tired just thinking about it!) generally takes forever and by the end of it you’re in the Powder Keg having a well deserved beverage. Well not anymore. With this amazing little machine, by the time you’re almost to the ski hill you’re a little bit puffed and it’s only taken 20min! Trust me the assist makes it feel like a little tiny hill instead of the hill that never ends. So instead of feeling like you’ve earned that beverage at the Powder Keg, you feel a little bit like you’ve cheated to get it (which we kinda did but whose going to tell? I’m certainly not!)


The Neocross E-motion Bike, with a front shock to help soft the fatique on your arms by absorbing the little bumps on the road make for a great cruise.

The battery can last up to distances of 80 km or more but that is all wholly dependant on what level of assist you’re using as well as the road conditions and wind as some of the factors that will drain your battery. In choosing the Eco function, it lasts way longer and allows you to get there and back with plenty of battery to spare. It gives you the little boost you need (just like the moving side walk) to help you get where you’re going, uphill or downhill, without all the extra sweating and heavy breathing.

  That being said a premier trip to take these bikes on would be to Baker Creek Chalet or to Moraine Lake to have a beautiful lunch.


The EVO Eco Lite bike makes for a great pedal anywhere, with its light weight it makes it a great bike to pedal.

All in all an amazing bike and something that is definitely worth checking out! Stay tuned for the update on when you can come in and try one!

For now check out the video and plan your next summer adventure,with four available you can take the whole family!