1A Hightway - Great Devide - Lake Louise


This is the old highway so a wide gentle trail, set for both CLASSIC and SKATE it is a good training route, lots of easy hills to work on technique. At the GREAT DIVIDE it is worth a stop and read some of the park info signs.

Trail Details
TRAILHEAD From the Village head up towards the Lake, at about 3 kms you will see the parking area on the right. Usually a couple of trucks parked here with the DOG SLED operation
ROUTE Can’t get lost , just follow the road. The trail ends very close to the start of the trail to Lake O’Hara so if you want a bigger ski try heading up the trail to O’Hara but it is not track set and a good 11 kms one way
EQUIPMENT Clasic or Skate xc skis
DISTANCE 18 km return
TIMES 2hrs AVR 1:21 BEST