Deception Pass/Skoki Lodge - Lake Louise


A big day ski if you are not booked into the lodge but takes you into some amazing country, mostly above the trees so great views. A true wilderness feeling just a short run from the Coffee and Baking at Laggan’s.

Trail Details
TRAILHEAD Head up the road to the Lake Louise Ski Area, you will see a road to the right marked “Creek” about 1 km up the road it is blocked and there is a parking area to the right.

Alternatively you can ride the Gondola at the ski area and ski over toTemple Lodge and pick the trail up there.
ROUTE From Creek parking you ski up the ski out to Temple Lodge, the trail passes just above the lodge and is easy to follow to the Halfway Hut. After that you have a rocky climb across a lake then up the pass on the left, usually well skied but can be tough to follow in snow or white outs as you are on terrain with little markings. Over the pass it is an easy side down to the lodge.
EQUIPMENT Light touring skis with metal edges work best. Skins are a good idea. Avalanche gear if heading onto slopes
DISTANCE 18.5 km
TIMES 3.5hr in less than 2hr out