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(29) Bow River Loop

Easy: 7.1 km round trip; no elevation gain; 2 hour round trip

Trailhead: Parking lot opposite the Lake Louise train station (restaurant).

Travel on a pleasant trail in the rich riparian zone of the Bow River.
These waters travel across the prairies to their ultimate destination in Hudson Bay, over 2500 kilometers downstream of Lake Louise. Interpretive trail.

(30) Louise Creek

Easy: 2.8 km one way; 195 m elevation gain; 1.5 hour round trip

Trailhead: From the Samson Mall parking lot, walk along Lake Louise Drive to a bridge crossing the Bow River. Cross the bridge and then look for the trailhead on the downstream side of the bridge.

Hike through a thick subalpine forest, following the entire length of Louise Creek as it rushes from Lake Louise to the Bow River.

(31) Tramline

Easy: 4.5 km one way; 195 m elevation gain; 2.5 hour round trip

Trailhead: Parking lot opposite of the Lake Louise Station Restaurant.

Follow in the footsteps – or trolley wheels – of travelers who, a century ago, were dropped off at the railway station and then ferried, by tram, on this 3% railway grade to the Chateau Lake Louise.

(32) Boulder Pass

Difficult: 8.6 km to the pass; 640 m elevation gain; 6 to 7 hour round trip

Trailhead: Fish Creek parking area, off Whitehorn Road, 3 km north of Lake Louise.

After 4 km on a wide access road, you will reach a world dotted with lakes and inviting alpine meadows. From the pass, you get a spectacular view into a remote corner of Banff National Park.

Side trip to Baker Lake: 3.4 km one way, 130 m elevation loss from Boulder Pass. Visit the stunning shores of Baker Lake in the valley below Deception Pass.

Side trip to Deception Pass: 2.4 km one way, 145 m elevation gain from Boulder Pass. Hike over to this windswept pass if you have energy to spare.


Trailheads: Upper Lake Louise parking area, 4 km from the village of Lake Louise. Because of the number of options from this trailhead, you have the opportunity to “mix and match” many of the trails in the Upper Lake Louise area to suit your abilities and interests.

(22) Lake Louise Lakeshore

Easy:2 km one way, no elevation gain, 1 hour round trip

This accessible stroll allows visitors of all abilities to explore Lake Louise. At the end of the lake you’ll discover the milky creek that gives the lake its magical colour.

(23) Fairview Lookout

Easy:1 km one way; 100 m elevation gain; 45 minute round trip

Leaving from the boathouse on Lake Louise, this short, steep hike offers you a unique look at both the lake and the historic chateau.

(24) Lake Agnes

Moderate: 3.4 km one way, 385 m elevation gain, 2.5 to 3 hour round trip

Framed by a quaint European style tea house (seasonal), the Lake Agnes hike is the most “civilized” way to see the Rockies. To get there, hike up the well maintained trail and enjoy a beautiful tarn tucked underneath towering peaks.

Side trip to Big Beehive: 1.6 km one way; 135 m elevation gain from Lake Agnes. Beyond Lake Agnes, a switchback trail climbs the Big Beehive for a stunning panorama of Lake Louise and the Chateau.

Side trip to Little Beehive: 1 km one way, 105 m elevation gain from Lake Agnes. The Little Beehive was once the site of a fire lookout, and offers commanding views of the Bow Valley.

(25) Plain of Six Glaciers

Moderate: 5.3 km one way; 365 m elevation gain; 4 hour round trip

Beyond Lake Louise you’ll discover a high mountain treasure chest; a collection of impressive peaks and glaciers. Here, you can relax and enjoy the view or rest at a quaint Swiss-built tea house (seasonal). Connect the Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers trails, via the Highline trail, to form a 14.6 km, 5 hour round trip loop.

Side trip to Abbot Pass Viewpoint: 1.5 km one way; 50 m elevation gain; 1 hour round trip Look down into crevasses on the Lower Victoria Glacier, and look up to Abbot Hut, one of the highest buildings in Canada.

(26) Saddleback

Difficult: 3.7 km to pass; 595 m elevation gain; 3 to 4 hour round trip

From the boathouse on the shore of Lake Louise, rise steadily up to Saddleback for tantalizing views of Mount Temple and Paradise Valley. Here you’ll find good larch tree viewing in the fall.

(27) Fairview Mountain

Difficult: 5.1 km to summit, 1013 m elevation gain; 5 to 6 hour round trip

In a region that was explored by Swiss Mountain guides in the early 20th century, it makes sense to challenge your inner mountaineer with a steep hike up a famous peak. And the “fair” view at the top? It’s downright spectacular!

(28) Sheol/Paradise Connector

Difficult: 4.1 km (connector only), 500 m elevation gain / loss (depending on direction); 1-2 hours one way

After 4 km on a wide access road, you will reach a world dotted with lakes and inviting alpine meadows. From the pass, you get a spectacular view into a remote corner of Banff National Park.

Trailhead: Upper Lake Louise parking or follow Moraine Lake Road for 2.5 km to the Paradise Valley parking lot on the right hand side.

Connect the Saddleback and Paradise Valley trails by using the Sheol / Paradise connector. A car shuttle may be needed depending on your route choice.

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