Moraine Lake Road - Lake Louise


MORAINE LAKE AND THE VALLEY OF TEN PEAKS is one of the most scenic spots in the Rockies, you will get a good view into the valley from the end of the trail. After a fresh snow fall this i s usually the first trail set.

For early season this is often the first set track available, many years skiing starts in late Oct and virtually guaranteed by Nov 11

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Trail Details
TRAILHEAD The trailhead and parking lot are at the beginning of Moraine Lake Road , 2 kms from the Village on the road to Lake Louise and the Chateau .
ROUTE It is an out and back (7.5 kms each way), the route is on the summer road to Moraine Lake so wide enough for 3 lanes of Classic and a good width for Skate Skiing. The first half is a steady up then it levels out for the remaining bit.
EQUIPMENT Skate or Classic XC gear
TIMES 1:50 AVR 1:07 BEST