Skoki Halfway Hut - Lake Louise


An easy introduction to back country skiing. The first half is a fair bit of up hill as you are travelling up the ski out from Temple so keep a look out for downhill skiers coming at you. After you pass the ski area you quickly get into open alpine meadow, fantastic views and open terrain.If you want more the trail continues on over deception pass to Skoki Lodge, probably a bit much for a day trip. Skins are not needed if just going to the hut but if you venture any farther then they are advised.

Trail Details
TRAILHEAD Head up the road to the Lake Louise Ski Area, you will see a road to the right marked “Creek” about 1 km up the road it is blocked and there is a parking area to the right.
ROUTE You are skiing up the Ski Out from Temple Lodge (watch for downhill skiers coming down), the trail is just above the parking area. Follow the trail up , passing just above the Temple Day Lodge then on up the valley. The Hut is off to the North side of the trail just before the trail gets into some rocky terrain.
EQUIPMENT Light touring skis with metal edges work best. If well travelled then xc skis can work but bit sketchy on the downhill.Skins optional
DISTANCE 12.5 km
ELEVATION GAIN Currently no data available.
TIMES 2hr in less than 1hr out