Let’s talk goggles!

They can either make or break your day up on the hill. From sunshine, to snowstorms and low light days- your goggles keep you going and they’ve always got your back. But do you have theirs? Are you giving them the attention they need? Although they’ve been made with high quality materials and the latest technology to keep you safe on the hill-your lenses need some tender loving care. Here’s how:

1. Proper lens care requires a proper microfibre cloth or goggle bag. Don’t wipe the snow off your goggles with your gloves, abrasive materials, your ski jacket or sleeve. As tempting as it is, don’t rub or dry out the inner lens. Many goggles are coated with an anti-fog treatment and doing so will remove that coating.

2. If you get snow on your goggles, shake off the snow and let them dry out naturally. Blot the excess moisture with your microfibre goggle bag or cloth. Let the remaining moisture air dry and keep on skiing- that airflow will help your goggles dry out.

3. Fogging- placing your goggle up on your helmet or hat exposes the interior surface to perspiration and potential water vapour from snow. For best results, keep your goggles on your face!

4. Proper storage is key! Let your goggles fully dry out before putting them away for the season. Avoid exposing your goggles to sunlight for extended amounts of time. Most importantly, invest in a protective case, or store them in their microfibre bag.This eliminates any chance of your lenses being scratched by other objects.

Proper care will help extend your goggle’s lifetime and performance so that they’ll last you many seasons of great skiing and riding. Come on down to Wilson Mountain Sports- we’ll set you up with everything you need to have a superb day out on the hill. We’ve got a wide variety of goggles, extra lenses and protective cases to suit all of your needs!