Awesome Nordic Program For This Winter

Wilsons Nordic Program 2024

Just getting into Nordic skiing?

Make it easy, convenient and reliable.

Let’s look at waxless ski’s.

These ski’s have scales and work well in all conditions.
Rossi evo XT55 reg $250 special $199, or ex rentals $149

Want metal edges?

Salomon outpath 64 $299 flat (bindings sold separately)
Wider with metal edges. Sporten Ranger 68 $249 flat (bindings sold separately)

Want better grip and better glide, with the same zero maintenance?

Skin ski’s are changing lives every where.

Fast and built for comfort, predictable with better grip and glide.

Salomon Escape 6 skin ski. $249 incl bindings.
Rossignol xtour skin. $249 including bindings. Demo available.

Faster Easy to use yet fast, able to progress with you.

Rossi Delta R-skin. $399 incl bindings Demo available.

Fastest May as well get the best one.

Axium R-skin $599 incl bindings Demo available.

Want to go skate skiing?

Rossi Course skate ski $399 incl bindings Demo available.

If you have time, you can take out our rental ski. When you come back pay for rental or turn it into a purchase. 1 day only. Protect your investment. All these ski’s are easy to take care of. Use liquid wax, tip to tail, including over scales or skins.

Beaver Wax spray on or Wend Wax. Both are environmentally friendly, easy to use and effective.
Ski straps Protect your bases and make it easier to carry your ski’s.


Salomon Escape / Vitane $159 comfortable and easy to use in demo program
Salomon Escape Outpath insulated, supportive, inspiring confidence and maintaining comfort $249 In demo program
R/prolink Light, fast and versatile. Support for higher speeds and confidence. Skate ski capable. $259 In demo program.


Salmon escape/vitane composite $45
Rossignol Aluminum $45
Salomon R30 Click $99
Leki Carbon cc45o $159