The Bears are Waking up

You know spring is officially here when we start hearing Parks issuing Bear warnings in the area.



Bears are one of Lake Louise’s most sought after animals to see but we have to remember that not only are they wild but we’re on their turf. In saying that, there is nothing that can compare to seeing a bear in its natural habitat just hanging out eating berries from a safe distance away.

Bears are curious animals and there are a few things you can do to avoid that unfortunate confrontation that can occur when in bear country.

  1. Go in groups – the more people in a group the less of a chance you will have an encounter with a bear, essentially your pack is bigger than theirs so they’ll leave you alone and also hear you from miles away which bring me to my next point.
  2. Talk/sing/laugh loudly – 9 times out of 10 this will alert a bear to your presence way before you actually meet up thus allowing the bear to mosey along his way and you to keep on the fantastic hike/bike ride you’re doing.
  3. Keep your dog close – always have your dog on a leash and listen to them. Dogs have the uncanny ability to know when there is something dangerous lurking around the corner or when a storm is brewing. If they smell a bear in the area watch their body language it could help to save a situation that will not end well. Your dog can actually trigger a defensive behaviour in bears if left off leash and allowed to run free along the trail.
  4. ALWAYS Carry Bear Spray – Now most of you are shaking your head going duh! We’re in bear country of course we’re going to carry it! As a General rule most people do carry it, there are times when you think it’ll be fine I’m just going for a casual walk around or I’m not going to need it when I go home why buy it. Those are the times when in fact you wish you had bear spray with you. I have found the best way to explain the importance of Bear Spray is by comparing it to your car seat belt; you don’t wear your belt because you don’t trust your driving it’s because you don’t know what could happen outside of your control. This same mentality should be used for bear spray, for most people their bear spray will expire and they never used it. For those who aren’t here for long having the ability to rent bear spray for the duration of their trip is a very handy tool to have and stores just like us here at Wilson’s. Check at your local information center to find the closest retailer who rents it.

So those are my top four tips on bear safety in Lake Louise.  Parks Canada knows what they’re talking about when it comes to bears and they have a great site for you to learn all that there is to know about Bear safety. Just follow the link below:

On that note just remember Bears are a beautiful symbol of our national park but they are still wild and we want to keep them that way. Learn as much as you can about keeping yourself and our beautiful bears safe to enjoy the beautiful place we call home.