Get ready because the world cup is coming to Lake Louise.

Starting Saturday Nov 28th with the Mens event. Featuring a Downhill event and Super G. Downhill is all about speed as the skiers maintains a straighter trajectory through the course while in Super G the gates are placed to demand bigger and more frequent turns. This year we should have excellent conditions with the new snow and cold weather, the course will be fast and exciting.

Past Canadian Winterstart champions include:

2006 – John Kucera
2007 – Jan Hudec
2009 – Manuel Osborne-Paradis

Lake Louise is one of the club 5 events and is the 1st FIS downhill event of the FIS season. This course features the fastest speed top to bottom of any ski hill in the world. See Alpine Canada for more details.

The following weekend Friday Dec 4th is the Lady’s event  featuring 2 downhill events and 1 super G. The course map has all the details for your race viewing pleasure.

Lindsay Vonn has had incredible success with this event. Lindsay is a great athlete and a little secret to her success is due to her chairlift rides with my friend Lucky Bob. You see the 1st time Lindsay won here she happened to sit on the chair with Bob. She made sure that the next day she waited at the chairlift and rode up with Bob again and sure enough she won.

Legend is that Lindsay insists on riding with Lucky Bob ever since and we are glad to have Lindsay back this year, however there is no doubt that Lindsay will be encouraged to know that Bob will be here as well.

Bob Torosion is a great guy and has volunteered for the world cup in Lake Louise for about 20 years. He is a great customer and he always rents his ski’s at Wilsons. Bob has been so kind to ride with Lindsay and its that calm encouragement and special kinship provided by Bob that ensures her success. I’m sure its exciting for Bob to be friends with Lindsay but no doubt the most important thing for Bob when he comes to Lake Louise is that he is a friend of mine.

Heres a great shot of Bob with Lindsay.

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Bob is from Boston Massachusetts and he is one of many dedicated world cup volunteers without whom this race wouldn’t happen.

We are very excited to have my friend Jan Hudec back this year. Jan is a great athlete and character guy. He has overcome huge challenges to keep going with his ski career and we sure look forward to seeing him this year.

We look forward to seeing you as well.

And If you make it to Lake Louise for the event come see us for our awesome rental program.

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