E-Biking in Lake Louise.

We have some awesome destinations when it comes to e-biking.

Check with us at the store. We can tell you what trails are open, what the conditions are and what would best suit your ability.

Trail Information
  1. Moraine Lake Road. Route details about 12kms (7.4 miles) Beautiful Rewarding Drive. Watch for Traffic From June 15th to Sept 15th esp. weekends. Nice Ride early morning or evening. Hard work heading up pays off on the way down as you can enjoy the beautiful downhill.
  2. Num Ti Jah Lodge at Bow Lake. Route details A big ride and very rewarding. Most beautiful road in the world. A big climb out to Bow Summit but a really nice descent all the way back. The beauty of the Lakes Progresses from Hector to Bow Lake and then Peyto Lake. Absolutely Spectacular.
  3. The Highway 1A East. This is an awesome ride, Recently repaved it is the choice of locals in Banff and Lake Louise for Road biking. With the legacy trail to Banff and Canmore this route has lots of options. The nice thing is you can vary the distance of your rides as follows:
    1. Baker Creek Great Ride about 25kms return (1.5 hrs), big climb up whitehorn road and then a nice descent most of the way to Baker Creek.
    2. Castle Mountain Ride out and back 55kms (2.5hrs ). Castle Mountain has a bike pump, drinks and snacks.
    3. Johnson Canyon Ride to Johnson Canyon, have an ice cream and ride back. Your return trip is about 3.5 hrs, 67kms.

You could take a Hybrid bike on any of these rides as well. You won't go as fast but it will be more comfortable and easier.

The ride that especially requires the Hybrid is the 1A west to the Great Divide . It’s a great ride but the road is a bit rough. Make sure you are with a friend and it’s good to have bear spray when you get there.

Before you leave..
  1. Take water and something to eat. Be prepared to be out there longer than expected.Be sure you have a spare tube and a pump.
  2. Take a first aid kit and spare jacket. You never know when you may need either here in the mountains.
  3. Be aware of trail conditions, know where you are going. Tell a friend and take a cell phone.