Since 1987 Wilson Mountain Sports has maintained a bicycle repair shop, bikes have changed but our passion hasn’t. We still pride ourselves on providing timely, knowledgeable, repairs at a great value.

We have a bike tech on shift 7 days a week. Walk-ins welcome, no appointment needed!

Wilson's tip:

Check your tire pressures before you ride! If your pressure is to low you are working too hard! A properly inflated tire offers less rolling resistance and offers better puncture resistance.

Our Service Charges

Maintenance Tune Up    $89.95

This is best service for the spring and well ridden bikes

Same as the basic tune up but the bike is stripped, cleaned and reassembled, making your bike ride and look as new as possible.

Bits ‘n’ Pieces
Service  item Price
Wheel Building $65 + parts
Wheel True $15-$40
(depending on time)
Brake bleed hydraulic $30
Bike Boxing $40 including box
$15 box only
Adjustment of brakes $5.00 each
Adjustment of derailleur’s $5.00 each